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Use this form to submit the information about your event to be included on the Battlespace Intel page. All submissions are reviewed and posted by hand, so please have some patience and don’t submit the same event more than once. If more information is needed, we'll reach out to you by email, so please make sure you enter your email address correctly.

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Sometimes we interview event organizers on the podcast about large or interesting events that the community may find interesting. We can't interview everyone we'd like to, but if you're interested in being interviewed, select the option below.
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Normally, events are mentioned on the episode that is released the Thursday before the event and posted on the website the week before the event. This service to the community is provided for free. If you'd like to be contacted about making yours a sponsored event listing that will be mentioned in multiple episodes and posted earlier on the website, select the option below. Prices start at just $10.