Counter-Intelligence Contest

Congratulations! You paid attention to the latest episode and heard the secret keyword. If you enter and submit it below, you’ll be entered to win the specified piece of Foamcast Radio merch! Just make sure you include a real email address, and standby to hear from us if you won.

If you have no idea what any of this means, don’t worry! Just go listen to the latest episode, and pay attention for the part that says “this week’s counter-intelligence keyword is…” It could be hidden anywhere in the episode. Then come back here and enter it!

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Your name will be read on the next episode if you're the winner. If you enter something vulgar, you'll be automatically disqualified, so don't bother.
Enter the counter-intelligence keyword from the latest episode of the podcast. You'll only be eligible if you are correct.
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NOTE: The counter-intelligence contest is only open to people living in parts of the world we can ship merch to on our merch store. We don’t have any control over this.