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Episode 32: Go West, Young Zombie

This week on the Foamcast Radio podcast, Worker presents competition to the OFP Aurora cage, new Nerf and Dart Zone blasters are available for sale and preorder, I give you my Tactical Analysis of the new BUNKR products, I've got your Requisition Recon and Battlespace Intel, and I talk to one of the folks behind the West vs. Zombies events!

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Episode 20: No Sleep for the Humans

This week on Foamcast Radio, we talk with Bethany Fields from the Weekend Survival Challenge about their upcoming zombie survival event, what makes it different than a typical Humans vs. Zombies game, what it's like organizing and executing such a huge event, and what returning players can expect from their latest offering.

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Episode 10: Welcome to Jericho!

This week on Foamcast Radio, we talk about the Battle Royale IRL app, Nerf's new laser tag offerings, HvZ footage from EndWar 2018, upcoming events, and an exciting Kickstarter project designed for public Nerf battles!

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