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Episode 27: Dart Domination

This week on the Foamcast Radio podcast, Worker releases an incredible 3-stage flywheel blaster with an equally impressive magazine, Amazon bombs their photoshoot of the Nerf Modulus Longstrike (but at least it's available for pre-order), and Jared Guynes starts up the hype train for the fourth installment of his epic Nerf battle. Plus, I've got your Requisition Recon and your Battlespace Intel!

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Episode 24: Nerf Goes Nuclear

This week on Foamcast Radio, a Nerf leak is confirmed, a Zombie Strike blaster is revealed, we have the prices for the Overwatch blasters and more details on the Rival Hypnos, I have all your Battlespace Intel, and the creators of the Atomic Dart League are here to discuss the way they are moving foam sports forward!

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Episode 22: Modulus This!

This week on the Foamcast Radio podcast, Hasbro leaks two blaster rereleases, Facebook shuts down a Nerf group after they use the wrong terminology, Target and Walmart both have sales you'll want to know about, and in addition to this weekend's Battlespace Intel, I get all the info about Ragnaroktoberfest from Jamie Heston!

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