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Episode 30: Frag Out!

This week on Foamcast Radio, Foamblast rescues Project Tooth and Nail, Worker digs its talons into short dart magazines, and a new and improved LighTake grenade is about to blow you away! Plus I've got your Requisition Recon and Battlespace Intel, and an interview with the creator of a new Facebook group just for game runners!

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Episode 26: Fortnite Goes Foam!

This week on Foamcast Radio, Hasbro announces the first Fortnite blaster, Adventure Force has a flywheeler of their own, updates on Project Tooth and Nail as well as the Nerf Modulus Demolisher, loads of Requisition Recon and Battlespace Intel, and a conversation with the President of the LukeStrong Foundation about bringing joy to kids through blaster toys!

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Episode 23: Nerfing Ladies

This week on the Foamcast Radio podcast, another Rival blaster gets leaked, Lord Draconical kickstarts premium blaster parts, Toys R Us might be back from the dead, Walmart has deals on Adventure Force blasters, I’ve got all your weekend Battlespace Intel, and the founder of Women of Nerf talks to us about the future plans of the group.

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