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Episode 28: Just Keep Running

This week on Foamcast Radio, info about new blasters, confirmations of old leaks, release dates, and more! I've got a Tactical Analysis of a new flywheel cage, plus your Requisition Recon and Battlespace Intel, and an After Action Review of an event I attended last weekend. Plus, I talk to an Atomic Dart League competitor about his personal loadout, and his strategy on the field!

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Episode 13: Boyz and Their Toyz

Some new Nerf leaks reveal upcoming Jolt reskins, a blaster is revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, a popular Nerfer brings us some amazing new motors, we run down a huge list of weekend battles, and I'm joined by two of the three stars of the ToyBoyzInk TV YouTube channel!

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Episode 12: Up Your Game

This week on Foamcast Radio, Nerf has leaked a bunch of blasters and confirmed a bunch more, the fall blaster lineup is available on Amazon, I review the Turbo Advance from Zuru Toys, we go over the upcoming events for this weekend and next, and I talk with the owner of about his helpful motor chart.

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